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About your proofs...

Each proof shows the whole image and has its own unique file number. Put them in a safe place in case you want to order later! You must enclose ordered proofs, or the unique file number for verification. We want you to LOOK YOUR BEST! We provide our idea of a pleasing crop (background minimized with horse and rider centered in frame). If you prefer something different, or have a special request, just tell us. All enlargements are individually hand made in our own facility. The color will be perfect and density (light/dark) will be perfect. We GUARANTEE that you will like them!

You need to ask if you are going to use a photograph of ours in a book, magazine, brochure, facebook, etc. because our work is copyrighted. It is against the law to reproduce any copy righted material without permission of the author. You NEED a black & white print if you are going to reproduce in B&W, in order for the entire tonal range to separate properly. LET US KNOW how it will be used, so we can fill out the permission form. You may wish to order a B&W to keep on file for year-end awards: we always FAX the contract to the publication!

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